The Best Natural Oil Treatment For Fine Coily Hair

It seems very difficult for people to understand that a full haired naturally coily girl can also have fine hair. Seems odd no matter how we put it, but some of us do exist which makes straightening our hair a nightmare. Lol. This was pretty much how I learned that my super dense hair was made up of fine, thin strands. Yes, I know I should’ve been thankful for having been blessed with such beautiful hair (and I am), but I couldn’t help but question why the thickness of my individual strands where so off. Like why can’t they be thick and weighed down when I straighten my hair? Why do I have to deal with this big a** poofy mess just within hours of getting a straightening hair treatment? (Tell me you understand this feeling).

I soon found out that fine coily hair even when accepting of most natural hair products needed some extra hair treatment tweaks for it to look it’s best. One of such tweaks includes this natural oil conditioning treatment. And this has actually helped improve single-strand thickness and overall manageability for me.

natural oil treatment for fine coily hair
Solange Knowles is a great example of a celebrity with fine coily hair

Contrary to popular opinion, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter are not great for fine coily hair (Sorry to burst your bubble fine-haired squad). How did  I learn this? I noticed that even though Coconut oil is touted to be one of the few oils that actually penetrate the strands and moisturize the inner hair shaft, it just ended up drying my fine coily hair. In other words, the coconut oil was counter productive to the health of my strands and caused them to dry and break because of lower moisture content. I know that this sounds a little crazy, lol, but I swear this was what happened. Shea Butter on the other hand was a little too heavy for my taste.

After a couple of failed attempts with the coconut oil, I wasn’t having it any more because it was  important for me to attain a certain length over a period of time. P.S. I call this my 5 year hair plan. For coily hair retain length, and by retain length, I don’t mean volume or fullness, I mean actually growing downwards-to the ground, it needs to not-break. In essence, the coconut oil was slowly keeping me from achieving my 5 year hair goal, and so I had to ditch it. Kinda.

At this point, I began experimenting with other natural hair oils and combos, till I found the Olive/Jojoba+Coconut+Peppermint Oil that changed everything.

How To Create the Natural Oil Treatment For Fine Coily Hair

What You’ll Need

  • 1/3 glass of Extra Virgin Olive (here)/ Jojoba Oil (here)
  • 1/6 glass of Virgin Coconut Oil (here)
  • 10 drops of Peppermint Oil (here)


1. Combine these three oils and apply appropriately. They keep quite well so you can create more of this recipe at a go by increasing the ingredient’s ratio.
2. Proceed to apply to hair as a pre- poo (before shampoo treatment), as a daily moisturizer or mixed into conditioner. Works fine in all three ways.

Why the Olive/Jojoba+Coconut+ Peppermint Oil combo?

Olive/Jojoba oils are slightly heavier oils with moisturizing properties similar to coconut oil. Fine hair needs an oil heavy enough to moisturize, but light enough to not weigh it down and make it feel greasy. I suggest using Olive Oil if you are on a budget as it is substantially cheaper than Jojoba oil. Coconut Oil was added for it’s natural conditioning benefits and to slightly thin out the olive oil. I also added a few drops of peppermint oil for the tingling antiseptic properties that fights itching and scalp dryness. My favorite is the Jessicurl Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil.

Please keep in mind that everyone’s hair behaves differently, and I have just shared what has worked for me. If you find out that this doesn’t work for you, try tweaking the oil ratios in my recipe or keep exploring to find one which works for you.

Give this a try and I’d love to hear how it works for your fine hair. Please don’t forget to spread the Los beauty addiction.

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