Is A Silk Press the Best Option for Straightening Natural Hair?

To put it simply, a silk hair press is  a temporal hair straightening process which requires full treatment of hair with ‘silk’ straightening products (usually indicated on the label), down to actual styling which includes blow drying hair in sections before going over with a flat iron (preferably Chi or Ceramic) for a smooth even finish. Products specifically designed for ‘silk’ straightening are also used in this styling process.

So why is a silk press the better option for straightening natural hair than a regular hair press? Choosing a silk press is believed by many hair stylists to yield best when looking to straighten natural hair because they contain alcohol-free, reconstructing keratin proteins that penetrate and help strengthen the hair, while providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without build up. With many of these silk press products, hair is also protected from high levels thermal exposure while improving moisture and shine. However, despite the overall safeness of this method, many curly haired women have suffered heat damage through this process as they neglected certain steps during the straightening process.

Want a 99% chance in preventing heat damage during your silk press? Here are 5 steps to follow:

1. Cleanse: Ensure that hair is properly clarified, conditioned, detangled and moisturized before embarking on the silk straightening process.

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2. Deep Condition: For extra dry hair, try deep conditioning hair for 15-20 mins before beginning the straightening process, as properly conditioned hair is less likely to suffer heat damage. Personally, I refer deep conditioning a night before as there will be enough time for hair to soak in leftover conditioning residue which can adversely affect hair straightening outcome. However, this step must not be skipped even if you desire bone straight hair because this is one of most critical steps in preventing heat damage.

3. Silk Press Products: Products specifically created for the silk straightening process must be used for maximum results. Some recommended Silk Press products according to customer ratings include Chi Silk Infusion, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Bio-Silk Silk Therapy and , Supersilk Professional Silk Amino Acid Professional Solution (as seen in featured Image). Did I leave any of your favorites out? Please also note that these products are temporary straightening products, so will not leave your hair as straight as relaxers would. The key to making the most out of these products is to use little of these products on clarified hair ( i.e. hair that has been properly cleansed without residue) while carrying out the mechanical process of straightening with a CHI or Ceramic straightener. I know these points may not seem like a big deal now, but they do indeed make a world of difference in how your hair turns out.

4. Heat Protection: Don’t forget heat protectant serums and sprays.

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5. Seek a Professional Stylist: Visit a hair salon or seek the services of a professional when trying out this process to avoid preventable damage to your hair. Why do this? Hair stylists are better experienced with the different hair types and textures, as well as heat and product requirements and would most likely know what’s best for yours.

Have you tried the Silk press method? Do do you have any other tips on how to prevent heat damage to natural hair?

Vivian Chidueme
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