Why Konga.com’s Return Policy Sucks

** Disclaimer: All observations in this article are based entirely on my experience and not intended to unfairly bash the company in question. 

To put it as succinctly as possible, you do not get your money back you are ever dissatisfied with a product delivered from Konga.com, ever! This mind boggling phenomenon was what pushed me into writing this post in the first place, because initially, I struggled as to whether to write anything on this subject and let it slide. However, I think every customer deserves full disclosure especially when it comes to shopping online, as credibility should be the most important factor when dealing with a faceless retail business. Now, let me narrate the events that led up to this point.

I had ordered a wedge shoe from Konga.com a few weeks back and got it delivered to my home, when I was away at work. But upon getting home, all excited to view my product aka my new shoe (coz shoes are literally life!), I found that I had been subtly deceived about how the product looked. On the Konga.com site, the shoe came in a lovely ashen color with a nicely shaped modern toe area design, but in real life, it looked washed out, dirty, old and was quite frankly the ugliest looking shoe I had ever seen in my life. To be honest, I initially thought my perception of the shoe’s ugliness was all in my head, till I asked a few people about what they thought, and boy were the comments hilarious. My sister even said that the shoes looked “yammy” i.e like Yams, yes, the ones we eat, lol.

Scandalized by this new discovery, I decided to put through a call to the Konga.com customer care service representative who handled it pretty well and assured me that I would either get the shoe exchanged or get a refund. I happily agreed to what she told me and proceeded to going about my business.

The very next day, I received an email from Konga.com requesting a snapshot of product sent, which I obliged to because I thought nothing of it. However, later that day (or the next), I received another email from Konga.com stating that they had declined my offer for a refund or exchange because… wait for it… “the seller refused to refund my money.” How laughable.

View email snapshot below.

email snapshot
Copy of SnapShot

Okay, I know to some, this might not be a big deal, but it was strange for me to see that an online retail platform, one of the biggest in Nigeria might I add, had refused a product in perfect condition. A product which was purchased from the site and that met all the returns criteria including the seven (7) days validity period for returns. The weirdest thing I noticed was that they were so quick to pin it on the seller, lol.

This incident struck me as a bit fraudulent to say the least, hence my decision to share. Will I be shopping with Konga.com again? Probably not, but I think I owe it to you guys share this ordeal.

Now, back to my other reason for writing this article, who in heavens name will I be giving this shoe to?! I will be happy to ship it out to whoever is interested.

Have you ever had any horrible dealings with any online retail platform? 

Vivian Chidueme
Vivian is a beauty addict and founder of Losbeauty. With a passion for all things natural, she explores with her write-ups, well-research findings on beauty and lifestyle to greatly improve the lives of individuals in her home continent of Africa.

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